• Is images.ma.ga really free?
  • Yes! It is 100% free to use.
  • Can I have a history of my uploads?
  • Yes, all built in! Simply register :) Your login will work cross-domain as well.
  • Who runs ma.ga?
  • Provided by MagaFrog.com & LevelRoots.com.

    TheDonald.Win: /u/Jesus/
  • What's next for ma.ga?
  • There is too much to go through. We are updating daily and have a lot of experience under our hands.
  • Which types of image can I upload?
  • You can upload images with the following extensions: PNG, JPG, GIF
  • Can I upload big images?
  • Yes! You can upload any image up to 20MB in size
  • Will you delete my image after X days?
  • Nope. We will only delete your image if it is against our terms & conditions
  • Can people browse through uploaded images?
  • Not if they are set to private. Every upload is given a random, non-sequential ID